5 hours of WordPressin’ to GNR.

Written by on January 12th, 2010 // Filed under Blog

Hm. That sounds like a euphemism, but no I’ve just been sitting here blaring Gun’s N Roses in the newly organized home office while working on the new RazorbladeGrin site. It’s really coming along, the site certainly needed a facelift and I like the way it’s displaying the images and managing the content. Now to get all the content in here… I have the feeling I’ve taken on quite a project here, but I’m glad. It’s about damned time and I’m grateful I’m in a position now where I can put some focus toward getting back on track with my work. I think rebuilding this site and finally getting what I want out of it is going to be a big step towards that.
The above image is the original cover art for Appetite for Destruction –Ā  based on the Robert Williams‘ painting “Appetite for Destruction”. I remember seeing this on the inside of the Album when I was a kid, it always fascinated me. Apparently the record company had issues with it and replaced it with the Skull and Cross cover.

Okay there’s my Matt Pinfield moment for the evening.


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