1:48 a.m.

Written by on February 6th, 2010 // Filed under Random Thoughts, RazorbladeGrin Blog

The Cult’s “She Sells Sanctuary” is blaring on VH1’s Metal Mania and I’m about to turn in after a long night of f*cking with WordPress. I thought just about everything was ready to go, but there’s a lot more than tweaking to be done. I like the way the content is displayed… but now I need to get it to sort everything the way I’d like and a little more efficiently then the options it’s currently affording me. Blah, babbling. I still have to get a lot of images up in the gallery, but after backing up all the original RAW files I’ve been really tempted to rework some of them before I post them up. After seeing the hi=res versions of some of these I think I need to post clearer, larger versions anyway… some of these jpgs are pretty small, but then again the older photos were from a time when broadband wasn’t so ubiquitous and standard monitor resolutions were a little lower.

Anyway, after looking over these tiny, poorly compressed images I’ve decided I’m going to chip away at redoing them, I’m just to curious to see what I can do now with better tools and more experience. I’m hoping I can get them to better reflect what I imagined when I originally shot them.

Alright. Sleepytime.


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