New Canon 550D >=)

Written by on February 9th, 2010 // Filed under RazorbladeGrin Blog

So Canon announced it’s new 550D and I’m really diggin’ the specs on it so far, especially for the price. As a photographer that’s not exactly rolling in dough what this camera provides for under $1000 (or the very $1,800 5D Mark II Canon released  last year) is pretty amazing. There’s a great side by side comparison over at Planet 5D Blog.

From what I’ve seen this looks like a hell of a deal from Canon. They’re pricing aggressively to put HD video capabilities in the hands of photographers at all levels and that’s exciting.  (Although as illustrated in this awesome Hitler Canon 550D Parody vid some people aren’t so pleased.) I was going to save up for a 5D Mark II, but I think Im going to have to go for the 550D. After seeing the video tests, I just can’t wait to start shooting in HD again.


Top ViewCanon 550D Back

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