Written by on February 27th, 2010 // Filed under RazorbladeGrin Blog

Horribly broke the new site tonight while trying to take care of a few things that really annoy me in the the way the template associates thumbnails with posts. Upon closer inspection, the way I was displaying thumbnails for posts in the art section/front page was also preventing me from efficiently displaying them in my blog or anywhere else for that matter. And attempting to circumvent that and poking around in the php guts of the site like a clueless med student, the fucking thing croaked. Resurrected though, I’ve learned that to solve this problem I’m going to have to strip out the way I’ve set up the art entries so far and… redo them. And re-upload the images. Im bummed about missing my self imposed deadline, but on the upshot I’ve learned a shitload and I kind of impressed myself when I figured out how to fix this thing to give me the functionality I want. I’m not a coder, I’ll be the first to admit, that’s why I work with shapes and colors 😉 So hey, upping the skill points counts for something right?
Also, I’ve learned “Eh, that xyz is easy to change, I’m sure it’ll be a no brainer, I’ll wait til later…” is baaad.


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