StraitJackets & Love

Written by on February 16th, 2010 // Filed under Blog, Featured Content, RazorbladeGrin Blog

The amazing Dr. Girlfriend surprised me on Valentine’s Day not only with a trip to the Drive-In, but also with a [drumroll please…] beautiful, hand crafted STRAITJACKET! I’ve always wanted a vintage looking, “Houdini” style straitjacket and this one is perfect. I’ve always been fascinated by escape artists and sanitarium paraphernalia so this was a really mindblowingly perfect gift. I got rush of excitement reminiscent of Xmas morning, when I was a lil’ kid on Xmas morning…
I’m not a particularly materialistic person, but I really cherish gifts from my loved ones and beyond that, the fact that she was knows me well enough to bless me with something so perfect means a lot to me, I’m truly a lucky man to be with such a wonderful person. Anyway, I LOVE the buckles on the back of the jacket so I snapped a little photo to post up. I’ll no doubt be shooting w/ the jacket soon… I’ve got some ideas already..


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