At the Park…

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Photos from a little trip out to a wildlife preserve/park with a small lake near my house.

 I’d passed by it a few times and it looked intriguing, but I’d never really entered the park or had a good look at it. Today being overcast and beautiful, I thought it was the perfect time for Dr. Girlfriend and I to trek down to to the water and take some photos. A friend mentioned it was pretty swampy down there in parts and once we got there, it didn’t disappoint.

I dig Spiderwebs..


Im fascinated by abandoned clothing. I spotted a pair of underwear hanging on a post in the middle of nowhere. Creepy.



Strange plants growing on the edge of the water. Or, as Dreya and Dave mentioned it could be a pile of spines.




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  1. Omg… the images are beautiful, babe! GREAT JOB!! You really did that day justice! =D

    Posted by Dr. Girlfriend

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