ButtonFace Mask Photos

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I’ve uploaded some photos of a the mask I’ve been repainting.

I made this thing years ago but I was never really satisfied with the paintjob the first time around. I had no idea now to properly add accents or shading and I just sort of left it tacked to a wall for a while. It’s highly inspired by the “Buttonface” mask Dr. Decker wears in “Nightbreed” (one of my favorite movies.) It’s not the same exact design, but definitely draws from it’s features. Especially with the button eyes and zipper mouth.
Recently though, an excursion to the local craft store with Dr. Girlfriend prompted me to finally give a shot at finishing this thing. I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with the way the repaint is looking so far. I’ve also stained an 8″x10″ piece of wood I’ll be mounting it to. I need to get some detail brushes to finish up the mask and then decide on the hardware I’ll be using on the mount. Anyway, here’s some photos of the project so far.




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  1. these look awesome!!!

    Posted by meaghan "lets shoot this year" monster

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