Hey. Thanks for dropping by.
I hate writing bios. I’ve always found it somewhat awkward.
For instance, do you write in the first or third person? If I use the third person, I feel like the Hulk. I prefer the first I suppose, it’s more conversational.
I’m a visual artist from Southern California, working mostly in photography and photo-manipulation. I’m fascinated and inspired by more things than I can list, but in particular I enjoy the steampunk aesthetic, burlesque, vaudeville, evil carnivals, clowns, sideshows, vintage medical paraphernalia, grindhouse & exploitation films, B horror, the occult, cults, Saturday morning cartoons, comic books, popculture, gore whore art, general weirdness and all things zombie related.

I’m also a devout tech/art geek, I’m fascinated with the technology of the past, present and future and it’s place in society and art. I am a media junky, struggling with television dependency. I also love movies of all genres, especially horror in all forms.

I’m still revising this page so I’ll be throwing in a little more information and some images of fun things like firebreathing, so check back.