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I'm just trying to make
my way through an increasingly
strange 21st Century.

Hey. Thanks for dropping by. It’s 2021 and this site is finally being updated!

It’s been some time since I’ve posted new content to this portfolio, and in general I’ve been pursuing other interests & mediums, but like many people, I found myself with a fair amount of time on my hands over the past year. As the chances of moving forward on any new projects quickly moved from unlikely to impossible, I tried to make the best of things and finally put time into a proper archiving of my previous work.

Over time, this project took on greater depth – and I have to say, I’ve greatly enjoyed revisiting these shoots, and the inspiring people I’ve collaborated with. It served as motivation to touch up high quality versions of images that had previously only been shared in fairly low resolution or poorly processed/compressed.

The results have been very exciting and I look forward to sharing them, along with previously unreleased images and a few more surprises.

Be well

If you like my work, please contact me to purchase a print or inquire about a watermarked digital copy.